About Us

CADEN (CSPL) is a leading name in the Civil Engineering Survey Consultancy. Our company has been a fast growing organization since its establishment in the year 1997. Our aim to provide an accurate and cost effective surveying service with High-Tech instruments for its esteemed clients, both in the private and public sectors..

CADEN (CSPL) has excellent skills in the area of Topographic survey, Road survey, Railway line survey, command area survey, Canal survey, Pipeline survey, Transmission Line survey, Hydro Electric Projects survey etc. Many major projects of National importance have been handled by CSPL.

CADEN (CSPL) has executed more than 500 projects for diverse clientele in the Private sector, Public sector and various State Governments in India. Behind the success of CADEN (CSPL) stands the vast experience, hard work, discipline, quality, and punctuality of each and every employee. Most of the leading business establishments in the country are customers of CSPL.

CSPL is the technological and quality leader in Land Survey projects in India.

CADEN (CSPL) represents a unique combination of Talent, Technology, and Teamwork. Country-wide the company offers a complete and high quality range of integrated civil survey consultancy services.