CADEN (CSPL) is providing conscientious and reliable service to public and private sectors since 1997. We offer engineering surveys for infrastructure development projects like roads, bridges, sewage/water pipeline route, canals and command area for lift irrigation schemes.

CADEN (CSPL) offers comprehensive survey and mapping services for a broad range of applications and purposes through an integrated approach to the measurement, analysis and management of locations descriptions of geo-spatial data.

CADEN (CSPL) develops geometric data utilizing Differential Global Positioning System (DGPS) and ground based instrumentation along with state-of the art software and information technology for reduction, processing and manipulation/presentation.

Our surveyors, field technicians and mapping personnel are educated and thoroughly trained in worksite safety, CADD configuration and specifications, highly experienced and equipped with latest survey/mapping instrumentation, software and technology.

Services offered by CSPL are as Follows,

  • Conducting Topographical Survey.
  • Conducting Road and Railway line Surveys.
  • Conducting Storm Water Drainage Survey and Sewer Line Survey.
  • Conducting City Survey.
  • Conducting Cadastral Survey.
  • Conducting survey of Command area including planning of main canal, distributary network.
  • Conducting Survey for Hydro Electric Power Projects.
  • Conducting Transmission line Survey.
  • Conducting Reconnaissance, Preliminary Route Survey for oil/Gas/water pipeline.
  • Conducting detailed Pipeline Route Survey.
  • Aerial survey using UAV technology / Drone Survey.