Infrastructure Engineering Products

Sl. No. Product Image Module Name Description
1 ESurvey Section


Play with Sections
  • Create Cross Sections and LS from Auto Level, Total Station or GPS data and do Earthwork Quantity Calculation Quickly
  • Extensive section settings allow you to create highly presentable sections
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2 ESurvey Contours


Digital terrain modeling made affordable
  • Generate Boundary, Grid Elevation, Grid Annotation, Contours, Contour Annotation in single step.
  • Import data from CSV, Excel or CAD for contour generation
  • Generate Contour based Area and Volume Report instantly
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3 ESurvey Earthwork

Earthwork Calculation

Quantity calculation made simple
  • Generate Earthwork volume calculations instantly from Elevation data by comparing two surfaces.
  • Generate Volume Report in Excel with Section method or with the Block method along with respective drawings
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4 ESurvey Topodraw


Excel to Cad made intuitive
  • Generate CAD Drawing instantly from Point data collected by Survey Instruments with the insertion of respective blocks to represent features
  • Line Joining - Connect remarks automatically while generating a drawing
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5 ESurvey Interpolation


Excellent interpolation algorithm
  • Interpolate Survey data easily at different chainages and offsets along alignment by triangulation
  • Interpolate Survey data by creating 3D Polylines for accurate interpolation in a project like Canal Survey
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6 ESurvey Lisp


Energizing Survey Drawings
  • Ultimate Collection of Lisp Routines tailor-made to Survey Engineering Drawings. Energize your Engineering drawings by better presentation
  • Save considerable drawing editing time using useful additional commands
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7 ESurvey KML


One-step data exchange between Google Earth and CAD
  • Convert Google Earth KML or KMZ file to a CAD draining instantly
  • Convert CAD drawing in UTM Coordinate to Google Earth KML File to open in Google Earth
  • Mark Latitude Longitude of selected Points in a Drawing
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8 ESurvey Road Design

Road Design

Geometric Design of Roads
  • Imports Surface Point Data from CAD Package, Excel or CSV and View TIN and Surface Model in 3D
  • design Horizontal Alignment– Create Multiple Alignments, Define Super Elevation
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9 ESurvey Road Design

Traverse Correction

Bowditch, Transit & Crandall’s Least Squares
  • Obtain Traverse Correction for both Open and Closed Traverse.
  • Easily Copy and Paste Survey Data in the respective Excel Template, Obtain Traverse Correction with detailed Calculations
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Elevation Extraction

Elevation from Google Earth
  • Obtain Elevations of any location from Google Earth through Elevation Extraction.
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Geo-Referenced Google Earth images in AutoCAD
  • Created using Google Maps API, extract images from Google Earth, and gives images from any drawing file containing latitude and longitude information in very simple steps.
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Road Infra Suite Products

Sl. No. Product Image Module Name Description

Strip Plan

Excel Solution to Quickly Prepare Strip Plan
  • An Excel Solution to prepare Strip Plan, which indicates location, length & quality of features and shows details like road/pavement widths, street lighting, tanks, drains, village limits, road appurtenances, religious structures, monuments, cross drainage structures, bridges, etc. along the road in a graphical manner in CAD Packages.
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ESurvey Trans

Traffic and Pavement Analysis
  • Road Infra Suite supports the traffic surveys conducted for determining the Road crust composition and lanes of the Road.
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3 ESurvey Road Design

Vertical Optimisation

  • Traditional Method of Designing Vertical Profile and its Limitations: It is required to understand that the methods adopted to design the Vertical profile with PCC can vary from person to person. The general and most appropriate method of designing such profiles involved is to design the tangents along with curves and constantly check the design so that it is optimal and as per the requirements
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4 Road Alignment Plus

Road Alignment+

AutoLISP Commands to enhance Road Alignments easily
  • Useful for modification of the Road Alignment drawings, such as Utility Shitiing, Alignment Modification or LS Band Enhancements. Export the Utilities which foul within the proposed ROW. Plot the ROW lines directly from Excel file.
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5 CAD Layout

CAD Layout

Create Multiple Layouts in CAD Quickly
  • Though drafting a key plan representing that part of the drawing in the layout appeals to be simple, it actually consumes lots of time and mostly is observed that a littile more skill is required to create them as it involves the understanding of model and Layout concepts along with paper space and model space concepts.
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6 Structure

ESurvey Structure

Quick Culverts & Bridges
  • ESurvey Structures is the solution to address this challenging job. Improper cross drainage structures can cause swamps on both sides of the road embankment and could lead to floodwater levels.
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Water Infra Suite Products

Sl. No. Product Image Module Name Description


Percentages cent percent simplified
  • In irrigation projects detailed project report to be prepared indicating how much area of land will be irrigated under different Chalks. Ayacut module serves this requirement of the extraction of the area which can be irrigated within the chalk.
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Rejuvenate Tank bund with Benching
  • Create the Tank Bund Cross sections for various requirements like Rehabilitation of the existing bund, Widening of existing Tank bund (one side or both sides), with the provision of revetment and benching.
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Hydraulic Design

Water Hydraulics Modeller & Optimiser
  • Hydraulic Design is a major activity to be considered in Water Supply and transportation. The design criteria to be considered are Velocity, pressure, Head Loss, Design period, Water Consumption, and Pipe sizes. All the factors can be handled to achieve the desired results using Hydraulic design tools.
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4 Water Distribution network

Water Distribution

Comprehensive Solution for Water Projects
  • Water Distribution Module takes Water Modelling Data Output from Bentley WaterGEMS, EPA Net or any other Water Modelling Software as Input and Prepares Alignments, Longitudinal Sections, 3D Pipe Network, Quantity & Other reports and Plan & Profile Drawings with Layout sheets.
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5 Sewer Network

Sewer Network

Dia, slope optimizer
  • Sewer network is a tool which serves the sewer design. It perfectly blends with other tools and CAD packages. Productivity tools help in the accurate and fast placement of Manholes, networks lines and names.
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6 Smart Netwok

Smart Network

Refine Network in smart way
  • Water Hydraulics is one of the Key Process in Water Supply Project. Planning, Preparation of drawings before Water Hydraulic Design & Preparing Final Drawings all involves a lot of work in CAD Editor.
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7 Water Netwok

Water Network

Plan, Profile in Single Step
  • Water Network is an engineered system consisting of pipes and other hydraulic components that facilitate supply of water of appropriate quality and quantity to a community.
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8 Water Netwok

Exporting Data to Civil 3D

Conversion Made Simple
  • Ever wanted to Export Water Modelling details done with Bentley Water Gems / Water Hammer to Civil 3D for Clash Detection? Now you can do it with ESurvey Water Distribution Module and additional Custom Solution developed by ESurveying Softech.
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ESurvey Civiltools Products

Sl. No. Product Image Module Name Description
1 Area Division

Land Division & Measurements

Distance, Area Conversions and Tabulation
  • Creating Plots and Layouts Made Easy
  • Prepare Layout Drawings in Required Units
  • Extract Report of Utilization of Land
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2 Quick Section

Quick Section

Sections within CAD Package
  • Quickly Convert Alignment data as Cross Section and Longitudinal Section Drawings within your CAD Package
  • Compute detailed Area Report for each of the generated Cross Sections and Volume reports in Excel
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3 Road Network

Road Network

Plan, Profile and Cross-Section Creation in Single Step
  • Create a Plan, Profile and Cross Sections for all the Roads of Layout in Single Step by applying Cross Section Templates
  • Visualize the difference information Level at cross roads for arriving suitable formation levels
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4 Parcels


Percentages Cent Percent Simplified
  • Prepare Area report of Land Acquisition or Utilisation of Survey Boundaries along the Project area
  • Compute Percentage of a Particular Survey Boundary of various villages in Pocket (Chalks) of an Irrigation project
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5 Tunnel Section


Ladder to Map
  • Create dimensions of ladder entities, boundaries along with area in a single command
  • Get the dimensions in metric system as well as Chain and Anna which is also widely practiced
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6 Tunnel Section

Tunnel Section

Area Calculation for Excavation, Under Cut, Over Profile
  • Prepare Presentable Cross Section Drawings
  • Save Considerable time in Preparing Area Computation for Under Cut, Over Profile
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